Tadashi Kawamata

Dokumentation von pixibarfilm über das Projekt von Tadashi Kawamata in Kilchberg

Projekt: Tadashi Kawamata in collaboration with Christophe Scheidegger and Kyncl Schaller Architekten.
Art Advisory: video
Filmmusik: Ephrem Lüchinger

On the wellgroomed lawn of the villa’s front garden, Tadashi Kawamata builds into the ground. Specially for this site and for this project, the internationally renowned artist has developed Barrel Kilchberg: a seemingly makeshift wooden window sculpture that contrasts and raises questions in an arresting manner. Until now, this artist has never departed from the surface. The new building by Kyncl Schaller Architekten and the corresponding construction work enables him to realise the design of a round space, sunk into the ground. Guests are invited to spend time on the benches to retreat, to relax and to take a moment to find peace.